Try our speciality coffees

We provide a wide range of hot and cold drinks together with delicious home made cakes and biscuits. Our barista style coffee is freshly made using fairtrade supplies.

Delicious coffee and cakes!

You can also buy instant coffee, tea and various infusions. Milk shakes and a range of soft drinks are available.

Our simple lunchtime menu includes soup and a range of sandwiches.


Americano  £1.90/£2.20
Flat White (reg) £2.30
Cappuccino  £2.10/£2.40
Latte £2.10/£2.40
Espresso £1.50
Macchiato £1.70
Extra shot/Syrup 40p
Hot Chocolate  £2.10
Hot Chocolate & more+ £2.40
Tea  £1.40
Specialty Teas  £1.70
Shmoo/Shmoo+ £1.50/£1.90
Milk (glass) 80p
Milk Shake (carton) 70p
Ribena (carton) 90p
Fruit Juice/Fizzy drinks £1.40
Cakes and Cookies  60p to £2.00
Toasted Teacake £1.60
Soup with bread  £2.60
 Sandwiches  £4.00 – £4.50
Toast £1.00
Toast/Beans on toast £2.00

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